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A Storage Unit With Sharp Teeth

Jackson, Mississippi, self-storage unit. The words were faded on the old paint-chipped sign. The place was deserted. It had been that way for years now – ever since the owner had gambled his way into serious debt. He left the property, but not before incurring some serious damage with a sledgehammer. Several of the storage units had been so banged up that the doors were stuck shut. The place became a stomping ground for drug deals, parties and who knows what else.

Gerry glanced at his partner, Brian. Twenty years in the police force, they were close as brothers. And believe it or not, this was their last investigation before they turned in their badges to retire. They’d come out to the storage facility, to investigate an anonymous call. The caller had told them a story and then hung up. Apparently, a night ago, a group of kids had been messing around at the facility, breaking into different storage units. A couple of the older girls had decided to investigate a unit on the far side of the lot. Not long after, the group heard a bloodcurdling scream. They ran to the storage unit to investigate. Outside they found the girls curled up on the ground shaking. Numb with shock, they were unable to speak. The kids tried the storage door but it had been jammed by something.  Anonymous tips were hard to trust. Cops had been fooled before into investigating strange tales, only to find the joke was on them. They had no way of questioning the kids as the caller had disappeared into thin air. So here they were, a day later, standing in front of the Jackson storage facility. They crossed the parking lot until they reached the far side. A couple of the storage units were dented, by none other than the previous owner, they presumed. Walking cautiously they scanned the line of storage units, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Gerry stopped, putting his hand on Brian’s shoulder. “Brian, check it out,” he said, pointing to a storage unit a couple units down. From what they could see, it looked as though there was a steady stream of water seeping out from under the cracks. They could hear a steady groaning noise – the type that you would hear from the belly of a ship. The base of the door was thick with mud – already their boots were coated in it. “I have a feeling something strange is in that storage unit,” Brian said. Gerry could hear the nervousness in his voice.

“Well,” said Gerry, “why don’t we hitch the door up a notch, and see how much water comes out.” He inched closer and yanked the door handle up a couple more inches. “Whooooooooo-s-sh-h-h-h-h-!” Water rushed out from under the door, soaking the men’s knees. The two men jumped back in surprise. The water kept coming. Something white sailed out from under the door and brushed past Gerry’s leg. Gerry yelled, “It’s a skeleton. A fish skeleton.” Both Gerry and Brian exchanged horrified glances. They had no time to radio for backup, they’d have to catch the culprit themselves.

The water swirled around their feet, as it rushed out from under the storage door. The men held their guns out in front of them, waiting for something to appear. When it became apparent that all of the water had drizzled out of the storage unit, Brian decided they’d have to lift the storage door up higher, to see what was inside. With Gerry beside him, poised, holding his gun, Brian again inched forward and yanked the storage door up.

What they saw inside made their heart stop and they caught their breath. Inside the storage unit was a tank – a tank that had just been drained of all its water. Judging by the large crack in the tank’s glass, something big had just broken out. The storage unit was dark and shadowy and the men had to strain their eyes to see. Suddenly one of the shadows moved forward into the light. Hardly believing it, the men saw a row of dark green scales emerge. Their eyes were drawn down, past the scales and into a pair of yellow-streaked eyes that were staring intently at them.
These were – ALLIGATORS!!!

Feeling as though they were moving in slow motion, Gerry and Brian turned tail and ran towards their cop car. Jumping inside they slammed the door and turned to look back. Three alligators had now emerged and they seemed hardly disturbed by the men’s quick exit. One of them had found the fish and was chomping away contentedly. Brian shuddered. Gerry slumped against the seat, his heart pounding wildly. “Whoever heard of keeping pet alligators in a storage unit?” he exclaimed.    

Looking at Gerry’s wild expression, his eyes bulging and thinking how silly they must have looked – two old cops high-tailing it across a parking lot, Brian got the giggles. The giggles turned to chuckles, the chuckles continued until he was roaring with laughter, tears streaming down his cheeks. By this time Gerry had joined him, choking with laughter. “Wh-wh-who would have g-g-guessed,” he spluttered, “that out of all of our investigations, our very last one would be a-a-alligators for goodness sake! Forget this, I’m too old for this kind of work. I’m no flipping Steve Erwin!” And with that, the two men radioed for alligator control and headed on home – quite looking forward to retirement!
This story was inspired by the people we know, the stories we've heard, and the things that are most important in our lives.

Stranger things have happened in storage units, believe it or not. So next time you think of exploring a storage unit in Jackson, Mississippi, make sure you tread warily.

Thanks for reading,
The Find Storage Fast Team